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Bored Housewives
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Thursday, March 15th, 2007
6:36 am
Say Whatever
Hey Everyone. I just wanted to invite you to my message board. It is called Say Whatever. Basically because you have the freedom to say what you want. We discuss sooooooo many topics. You really will have to come check it out and see for yourself.

I have set it up so that you can see what kind of topics we disucss but you have to register to actually see the threads. We always have fun contests and games as well.

Our most popular topics are tv shows and every day life.

Come check it out if you have a chance.
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
3:36 pm

this is a great forum i found outside of GJ that has a wonderful group of ladies! it's for ttc'ers, pregnancy, moms, step-moms and all those in between! they even have a fun arcade!
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
10:57 am
So, what do you do all day?
Now that David only does the morning show and is at home by 9:00 AM and needs a new job by the end of the month, I feel like I should be busy with things other than reading and playing with the dog and the occasional cleaning. Oh, and time on the internet. There are house projects to do, but it's only stuff he can do. Somehow, the dirty dishes have piled up to such a proportion that he said this morning, "We need to do this together." I feel like he's disrupted some routine I had, even though I can't say it was doing anything important. Sometimes, I think having children to look after would make me feel more useful. Or a job would be nice.
"You don't know what it's like to lose your job," he says. We are both eating more and more and find ourselves exhausted by the smallest things.
"At least you've had a job to lose," I say.
And so we go on feeling sorry for ourselves and snapping at each other more and more.
This must stop.
But it's weird that having him home almost all the time annoys me. I feel like I need alone time, but I always complained before about being alone.
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
12:05 am
I am a housewife of 16 years, almost sane still too! (ha) I have four kids, and I love them when they are not driving me crazy and making me scream at them. My kids are 14-13-9-7, and I am 33 (yep,I started really really young). I find I mostly plan my life to the cable guide, and spend the rest of the time breaking up fights between my boys. If a mom has two kids close to the same age,and of the same sex, and says they don't fight...she is a liar.
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
8:28 pm
message board
I hope no one minds me posting this here. But a few of my friends and I have created a message board with a lot of good subjects. You can discuss daytime drama, primetime television...vent about every day life, share recipes, or just have random conversation..or talk about daily current events.

If your interested click here
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
10:18 am
New LJ User
Hey Everyone. I am a 23 year old mother living in tucson, arizona. I am happily married, going on 2 years now. My hubby is my high school sweetheart, and so far we have been together for more then 6 years now.

Currently we have a 4 1/2 year old son, going on 5 in july. We also are expecting another in... Well 1 and a half days! I am being induced on may 8th, and we are extremely nervous, excited, anxious.

Added to that anxiousness, is the fact that we chose not to find out what gender the baby is until it's here! We really can't wait.So far I am a stay at home mom, and could always use a few new like minded friends to talk to, so please feel free to message me. Especially if your mom's, stay at home homes, parents, expecting mom's, and all that good stuff. Can't wait to meet some new friends!
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
2:14 pm

If you'd like to be listed as a sister community on our info. page, please comment to this post or send me a PM.

Otherwise, feel free to delete if promoting is not allowed.

Have a great day!


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Girl Talk.





Thursday, February 16th, 2006
6:03 pm
some links before the thunder storm hits us
Soooo great. My personal favorite is the doublemint gum with the twins. I remember it coming on during Christmas specials when I was like 4 or something.

Free TV transcripts. Very nice.
Monday, January 30th, 2006
11:34 am
TV head
Suggestions for good TV shows on network television? I figure since I stay up later than David anyway I might as well diversify my evening activities.
Friday, January 27th, 2006
9:59 am
10:13 am
MMM, that experimental egg drop soup was delicious!... said the garbage disposal.

Yeah, even my dog wouldn't touch it.

Current Mood: indifferent
3:01 am
I would be terrible as a real housewife. But I am homebody and my home and garden, recently trashed by my ex boyfriend gave me some comfort. I get little obsessions like when Igot into reaerching cults. I had to read everything I could and all the accounts of people who got out. I sometimes am a reseacrh assistat and hope I can get some work soon and that I can feel well enough to do it. my friend is a house husband and his wife is the main breadwinner. they are a very happy couple.
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
9:55 am
I made egg drop soup yesterday.
I don't think I'll be opening an Oriental food restaurant anytime soon.
Maybe "attempted to make" is the more appropriate phrase.
I was so proud of myself for transferring the... ur, stuff... from the pot on the stove into a big plastic bowl without making a mess. Then I tasted it.
Picture... slightly thickened water with bits of celery and green onion in it. Even though I dumped curry and garlic salt and something else into the water before I added anything else, none of it seemed to want to cooperate. That was the blandest soup I've ever tried.
So I dumped in more spices, stirred, and put it in the fridge. I'm hoping it'll taste much better today. It's supposed to be my lunch. That is, if I don't get full on toasted raison bread with butter and sugar first. Haha

Current Mood: amused
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
8:23 pm
I tried making French toast in the microwave today. Okay, I know, you're all laughing. At least that's what my husband did when he came home to find me eating scrambled eggs with toasted raison bread squashed into them and maple syrrup on top. But at least it was still edible.

I had an interview this morning with a lady from the employment agency who's going to help me find a job. I felt so detached. She was talking about ideas she had in mind for jobs and asking me what sorts of jobs I wanted and I felt like I was looking down on myself and listening to someone else say what I was saying. Then she started reading over the past jobs I've had from my resume and I thought she was still telling me job ideas, and I was like, "Wow! They have an opening for that? I've done that before!"

Current Mood: hopeful
6:45 am
I'm bored!

I can't sleep. I have constant sleep problems.

Do any of you have this? I know Nancy does.

It is hard raising a little toddler when I can't sleep, don't want to sleep, would rather be doing things other than sleep or just can't wake up in the morning.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
12:02 pm
For the first year we lived in South Bend, IN, I thought my blindness was keeping me back. The city is not pedestrian friendly at all. But then the other day I realized that even if I could see and I could drive, we only have one car, and David works such weird hours that it's not like I could drive him to work and pick him up and thus have the car during the day. So I'd still be stuck and have to rely on the crappy public transportation system and trying to cross the street without being hit by the crazy drivers. I was talking to a friend of mine last week and she's specifically in that predicament, except she has 2, almost 3, kids besides and her husband's rarely home.
So how many of you are stuck like this? How do you dispel the cabin fever?

Current Mood: curious
6:41 am
hi, i am nancy, and i might as well be a bored housewife. i am presently single, just recently broken up and broken hearted, and very isolated due to emotional disability or neurological, whatever it is. i am at home alot because i also have agoraphobia sometimes and some social phobia. i used to be very outgoing and am waiting on that phase to come back again. i twiddle my thumbs. i can't read lately. i can't focus. movies are difficult. but i am very attached to live journal lately lol and love to read what other people are experiencing on the planet. i got a degree in creative writing tho i am not completing things much these days, just doing a lot of free writing. i like to write straight into the journal sometimes for poems and well theydon't always come out right but it is good for me still to do it. i also liek to do art sometimes. i also am working on a cd, called the "bluebird of happiness" which is takign years for me to finish. i have issues completing things sometimes. sometimes i have done historical research assistance and hope to get back into that when i am more consistently healthy. i have phsyical issues as well. i am pretty disabled by cfs and fibro and endo. all these issues lol. but i keep the hope a lot. thanks for this community. it is good to be able to talk with women, peace, nancy
5:40 am
I am Eisy.

I live in an apartment, so I guess I'm a bored apartment-wife.

Well, I can't really say that I guess because I'm not married.

I am Eisy, the bored apartment-girlfriend.

Definitely bored.

I have one boyfriend, Chris. We have a daughter, Sienna and two cats, Vinnie and Rocco.

Oh, I'm 29 and I eat way too much.

Nice to meet all of you.


Thursday, January 19th, 2006
3:11 pm
Hi, My name is Des.
And I'm a board house wife.
(giggles) there should a feaking support group for this, there really should, I feel is kinda like depression or addiction it happens to a hell of a lot of people, but no one is willing to talk about it. It dosen't help that our society has gone backyard crazy. I hate that backyards exist in the sence that it keeps us away from our neighbors. We need front porches again. chuckles
Right, I'm a mom of an almost blind 3 year old and an nearly 5 yearold daughter. Both are in preschool, just different days of the week. Ugg getting up at 6 in the morning to have one of the girls to school.

I myself am leggaly blind. I think that it adds an extra amount of isolation with the blindness thing...but that's another conversation.

I've started writting and knitting to help, but it still does nothing for the lack of adult social interaction. MY husband says that he dosen't get a breack. That's fule for a heated argument. He at least gets a change of senary, not to mention he interacts with adults, not nessacarly mature adults, but dang at least you can joke with them. I'm really going to tell my girls jokes that they don't understand or try and have spritual or philsophical conversations with them.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel underapprceated.

Look forward to read the rest of you.

Current Mood: frustrated
10:07 am
I not desperate (yet), but i'm a house wife (married to the house)lol.
Hi, my name is Erin. I have a ten week old baby boy and am currently going through a divorce. I am at home most of the time with my son and sometimes I go absolutely insane with boredom and lack of human contact. Not only is it boring, but extremely depressing too. So I just want to be the first to say, on this newly designed community page, "Being a house wife is hard work!". lol. Thanks for creating this awesome community, Kat!

Current Mood: creative
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